Mastery Courses

Fixed orthodontics

Dental Implantology Course

Basic Oral Surgery Clinical Course

Rotary Endodontics Course

Cosmetic Dentistry Course

Dental Lab Technician Course

Laser Dentistry Course

Crown and Bridge Course

Facial Aesthetics Course

Periodontics Clinical Course

Orthodontist Assistant Course

Basic Oral Surgery Course

Duration – 5 days,

Local anesthesia:

Technique and pitfall

Methods of LA administration (demonstration and hands on in phantom head)

Nerve block and infiltration

Painless local anesthesia injections

Introduction to computer controlled local anesthesia

Extra oral nerve blocks


Radiographic readings

Detailed discussion on IOPA

PA mandible



Sterilization and infection control

How to select an useful sterilizer and disclosing agents to maintain asepsis in your clinic

Incisions and suturing techniques:

Principles of incision making

Different types of flaps

Suturing techniques of soft tissue (demonstration and hands on using study models)


    • Introduction and classification

    • Mechanical principles

    • Open extraction methods(demonstration and hands on using sheep mandibles)

    • Closed extraction methods(demonstrations and hands on using sheep jaws)

    • Chair positions

    • Indications, Contraindications & complications

Emergencies in Extraction  (discussion)
Uncontrolled Bleeding from socket
Muco-periosteal tear
Oro-antral Fistula
Displacement of tooth into sinus / spaces / aspiration
Dislocation of TMJ demonstration on fellow participants)


Introduction to dentoalveolar surgery,

• Chronology

• Sequence of frequency of impacted teeth,

• Etiology

• Causes of impaction

• Preoperative assessment (clinical and radiographic diagnosis, treatment


• Surgical Anatomy

• Radiographic analysis

• Indications and Contraindications for removal

• Surgical techniques to be employed for all kind of impaction

• Surgical Complications of Impacted tooth and Management

Post extraction care.

Demonstration and hands on  in the patients


Management of medically compromised patients.

    •  Drugs used of medically compromised patients.

    •  Anticoagulant therapy.

    •  Cardiac diseases.

    • Hypertension.

    • Diabetes mellitus or insipidus

    • Syncope

    • Anaphylaxis

    • Adrenal crisis

    • Epilepsy

Other minor  surgical procedures(discussion)

    • Apicectomy

    • Hemisection

    • Space Infections (complete management including treatment and drugs),

    • Incision and drainage (IND

    • Frenectomy

    • Alveoplasty

    • Oro-antral communication

    • Crown lengthening

    • Platelet rich fibrin & its application

    • Regeneration procedures

    • Osseous wall defects

    • Socket preservation

    • Cystic cavity

    • Cosmetic & facial reconstructive procedure

    • Sinus lift procedure

    • Furcation defects

Preclinical exercises in goat or pig jaw

    • Suturing  techniques

    • Flaps

    • Open extractions

Clinical exercises

Simple extractions

Open extractions of root sumps

Impactions (minimum two patients)