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 Fixed orthodontics


Course duration :06 days .

Course venue: IDA dental academy, Hyderabad-India.

Course outline :

Introduction to fixed orthodontics and straight wire technique

Instrumentation and Armamentarium.

Diagnosis and Treatment plan.

dealing with class1, class2, class3 malocclusions

Cephalometrics tracing Practice.


Growth And Development.

Model Analysis Practice on different casts.

Removable Appliances

Welding Exercises.

Principles of fixed orthodontics

Banding Technique & exercises

Bonding Technique & exercises

Arch Wire Bending Exercises.

Making of Separators



Wire Separators and elastic separators placing Exercises on Models.& patients

Practicing of different Arch wire Placement

Permanent Anchorage Preparation with SS Wire Making Exercises

Habit Breaking Appliances  fabrication

Soldering technique

Retention appliance Making Exercises

Expansion appliances

Applications of auxiliaries such as..

Elastics, E-Chain, open coil springs, closed coil springs, Elastic Modules,Ligature tying

Case discussions, dealing with complicated cases,

Surgical orthodontics.

Recent Advancements in Orthodontics

Training shall be extensive hands-on, covering all aspects of clinical orthodontics simplified for general practitioners to practice orthodontics.and post training support shall be given to participant  via online for next one year for a participant to accommodate orthodontics into  practice.

All the materials and instruments will be supplied by Indian dental academy for training purpose,the  participant need not bring any items from his side.

Study material, CD,s, Seminars  and participation certificate  provided at the end of the course.