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Dedicated to dental education since 20 years.

Helped thousands of dentists across the globe

What Make Us Different?

The first. academy to launch CDE programs in India

specialized training & care for international participants

Compressive & affordable Courses

Individualized Attention

dentists got trained

International participants

batches conducted


Our courses are designed for dentists at every stage of their journey

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Fellowship Programs

These are advanced dental programs designed for experienced dentists seeking specialized skills and expertise.

Mastery Programs

These courses comprise Long & short courses, aimed to upgrade clinical skills and take your practice to next level

Student Courses

Student courses are designed to offer essential foundational knowledge and academic sudies in preparing for university exams

Short Courses

These courses are suitable for busy dental professionals looking to enhance their proficiency in a particular area within a short timeframe.

Online Courses

Online courses offer the convenience of learning from anywhere these include video lectures, interactive sessions 

Exam Courses

Exam courses are designed to prepare dental students and professionals for national & international licensing or certification exams.