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Dental Implantology Course

Basic Oral Surgery Clinical Course

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Dental Lab Technician Course

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Dental Lab Technology Course

The participant will be extensively trained from basics to most advanced prosthetic work, which include acrylic work,fabrication of dentures,removal, fixed,chrome cobalt, porcelain crowns, Zirconium crowns, flexible dentures, metal work, ortho appliances,cad-cam ,scan,and milling .

our instructors are prosthodontists and certified dental technologists

 At the end of the training participant will able to do the following:

I-Acrylic prosthesis:

Duration : 01 to 02 months

Topics & practicals

 Introduction to Dental Lab Technology

 Dental Anatomy & Materials

 Complete Denture processes techniques

 Dentures – Casts/Trays/Rims

 BPS dentures

 flexible dentures

 Immediate Dentures

 Denture Repair

 Orthodontic Appliances – Removable

 Removable partial Dentures (RPD)

 RPD Survey and Design

 over dentures

 Implant supported dentures.

II-Fixed prosthesis:

Duration : 01-02months

Topics & practicals

mould preparation

Wax Pattern Construction

temporary crowns making

metal coping Fabrication

Chrome cobalt work

Introduction to Porcelain

porcelain fused metal

all ceramic crowns

Advanced Porcelain Techniques

shade selection

color modifications

trimming and polishing.

III-Implant Prosthesis :

Duration : 01 months

Topics & practicals

Hybrid dentures

customized abutments

screw retained implants

abutment milling

full arch hybrids dentures


Duration : 15 days

Training cost : 50,000 INR

Topics & practicals

cad cam

scan and milling